Business Surveillance



The term Surveillance refers to keeping a closer look at the activities of people and monitoring their behavior. In the past surveillance use to be used primarily as a deterrent for robbers and thieves, but new- generation systems are now central command systems that extend beyond a local site with remote surveillance and record sound, audio, and voice. PTS can integrate ANY CCTV or IP Surveillance system with your network to provide threat assessment, event analysis and security management.

ProTechnology provide services to businesses nationwide, across multiple industry verticals such as healthcare, education, hospitality, legal, & the government. Every business has a need to secure their assets, employees, customers, information, and even monitor daily activity.

Simply better security, better storage & high definition

  • Access/Entry equipment & installation
  • Security doors for garages
  • Decentralized security space
  • Remote monitoring
  • Web-based monitoring
  • Wireless applications for I-phones, Droid, tablets
  • Increased HD resolution
  • Camera intelligence with Long term storage
  • CCTV equipment Maintenance
  • Unlimited scalability with high return on investment
  • Video and call recording
  • Voice activated cameras
  • Voice Paging Systems and Intercom System
  • Remote elevator control
  • System wiring & installation
  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Build-outs for Business and Residential clients
  • Medical and HIPAA guideline compliancy
  • Campus, county, city, state-wide security monitoring systems
  • Small business, medium business, & enterprise clients
  • Construction site security

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